No austerity at Rep. Holding's table

October 17, 2013 

Congressman George Holding of Raleigh voted against the deal that raised the U.S. debt ceiling and reopened the United States government. But if his third-quarter campaign finance report is any indication, he’d have stood strongly against closing some of Washington’s finest restaurants.

Holding, who campaigned on reducing government spending (“cut spending now”), has been cutting into some mighty fine meals while away from home in Congress. His report, as noted in The N&O’s Under the Dome, shows a couple of visits to Morton’s Steakhouse in Washington for a total tab of $1,700, three nights’ dining at the fashionable Monocle restaurant for $1,000 and some good economic and gastronomic stimulus here at home.

Yes, the congressman was kind enough not to cut spending now at Cafe Parizade in Durham, with one evening running $779.

Now Holding, who to be fair is from a prominent banking family and didn’t exactly campaign as the common man, also has a liking for some fancy spots in or near Washington such as the Capitol Hill Club, the 116 Club and the University Club.

We trust Holding hasn’t given up on hometown cooking, specifically the Players Retreat in Raleigh, where he used to be seen dining outside off Oberlin Road. The PR, as its known, has some nice $6 lunch fare, which we hope will not increase if it gets out that someone with the congressman’s tastes is a customer.

It’s likely Holding will be paying a visit to the State Fair this week, in which case he’ll undoubtedly try midway delicacies like funnel cakes and Sloppy Joe’s on a Krispy Kreme doughnut. By golly, you can’t get that in Washington … even at the Monocle.

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