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Living Space: Don't waste the space at the foot of your bed

Tribune Content AgencyOctober 18, 2013 

Add a plush loveseat with a small table to create a cozy sitting area.


The focal point in a bedroom is almost always the bed itself. The headboard, coverlet or throw pillows get most of the attention, but what you place at the foot of your bed can also offer visual interest and make better use of the space.

Unless space is extremely tight, most bedrooms have room for a finishing touch at the foot of the bed. Here are 10 options:

1 Bench: Pick a bench with storage and you’ll not only have a place to tie your shoes, but you’ll instantly have extra space for sheets and cozy throws. Target’s Threshold end-of-bed bench is just the ticket. ($159,

2 Pair of stools: For an upscale look, pair two stools side by side, like the Karline bench ( This setup looks great and provides seating for two. For extra storage, look for stools with space under the cushions.

3 Desk: If space is not an issue, place a writing desk and chair at the end of the bed. It’s a good spot to place tablets and cell phones at night. Top with a lamp for a complete look.

4 Loveseat: These small, plush sofas are especially inviting at the end of the bed. Add a small table to create a cozy sitting area.

5 Trunk: Antique or made-to-look-old trunks make perfect endpoints to a bed. Pair small trunks with twin beds or place a single large trunk at the foot of a queen or king bed. Use to store blankets and comforters.

6 Antique sewing cabinet: Not sure what to do with Grandma’s old sewing machine cabinet? Place it at the foot of the bed like an end table, or top it with a mirror. Voila, you’ve got a unique dressing table!

7 Console table: These narrow tables aren’t just for foyers and hallways. Slim and unobtrusive, console tables are attractive and take up little space. From Old World to contemporary, there’s a style to fit any decor.

8 Pair of chairs: Position an attractive set with a table between and you’ve got an inviting conversation spot.

9 TV cabinet: With the touch of a button you can entertain yourself by placing a TV cabinet with a lift system at the foot of the bed. Attractive models start at around $1,000. (

10 Bookshelves: A single unit or two cases set side by side, bookshelves make clever replacements for foot boards and can also be used to display artwork or keepsakes.

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