Gordon DeFriese: Teachers’ lament

October 18, 2013 

The Oct. 13 Point of View piece “My wife, the former teacher” by Matthew Brown, the husband of a recently-former teacher, brought back many memories of my own mother and father, both of whom were public school teachers, as they struggled with little pay, huge responsibilities to their students (and their parents) and long hours even after school in completing student records, grading papers and lesson plans.

As summer months arrived each year, my parents looked for additional ways of adding income for the family because even two salaries of public school teachers were not enough for a family of four, especially as two of us reached college age.

Brown reminds me that my own grandchildren are now depending on this same level of dedication by their own teachers in North Carolina’s public schools at a time when those in control of our state’s political machinery seem determined to undermine the strength of our public school system through multiple, unwise and ill-informed policy decisions, ones that are likely to drive even more talented teachers from this field.

What leaders in any realm can find satisfaction in leading the march to the rear?

Gordon DeFriese

Chapel Hill

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