Bill Gallagher: Saunders’ rant wrong

October 18, 2013 

Imagine that. Barry Saunders had bad things to say about a brilliant conservative leader, Dr. Ben Carson. Reading Saunders’ Oct. 14 column, “Slavery comments go too far,” one would think that Dr. Carson was a blithering moron without an ounce of common sense. Oh, I forgot … he’s a conservative thinker, so that description must be right.

Without going into a huge diatribe about why Saunders’ whole purpose is character assassination, without letting truth or journalistic integrity get in the way, I will point out one thing that Saunders said that proves he has no regard for reality. He stated, “… (Carson) compares to slavery the plan to make health care affordable.” If Saunders would do a little research, he would know that this plan is not only not affordable, but will undoubtedly destroy the economy with its costs. Just because a bill is entitled Affordable Health Care, it doesn’t make it so.

Bill Gallagher


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