Many choices for State Fair foodies

October 18, 2013 

Ah, for the days when a young child’s face would brighten at the prospect of some cotton candy, or that cone of ice cream dipped in chocolate and nuts (with a cherry on top) or perhaps, if Grandpa was feeling extra generous, a candy apple!

If you’ve been to the State Fair in Raleigh this year, you know that the arms race among food vendors has gone nuclear.

The Krispy Kreme sloppy joe’s sandwich has gotten a lot of attention. But N&O photographer Corey Lowenstein may have captured the Ultimate. That would be the handiwork of Debbie Booth from Benson, of Miss Debbie’s Specialty Apples, who created Big D’s Double Doozie, a double apple on a stick which appeared to be covered in chocolate, marshmallows, little Snickers bars and, well, several other things.

For those not made of sterner stuff, one can find almost anything deep-fried, including candy bars. And the sugar-laden funnel cakes are epic. If healthier food is your aim, there are the Philly steaks with onions and peppers or the huge onion rings still seeping with oil, or turkey legs.

Just kidding. Actually, if you’re a good health type, have some whole grain cereal before you go and stuff your pockets with antacids. You might turn a profit on the fair black market if you’ll just hang near the food booths on the midway.

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