Russell Catania: Compromise leads to success

October 19, 2013 

America is not a winner-take-all country. It was set up with three branches of government: executive. legislative, and judicial. In addition, the legislative branch is divided into the House and the Senate, each with different responsibilities. The purpose was to make sure that one branch, or party, does not force its beliefs on the entire country. We elect a president, not a dictator.

If one party captures the executive branch and both legislative branches, it will have complete control and can pass any laws it wants, however it still need to be mindful of the Constitution and the judicial branch.

It’s amazing how members of one party can claim “we won, get over it” when their party wins but then create a ruckus when they lose and fight and cause problems in order to get their way. We are neither a “right” nation nor a “left” nation; we are mostly a middle nation. Both parties need to acknowledge that and work together so that there are no losers, just winners.

If Republicans and Democrats refuse to work together to negotiate and compromise, we as a nation, will cease to exist, let alone be the world leader.

Russell Catania


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