George DeMuth: Compromise required to end woes

October 19, 2013 

Our government deficit is scary, but defaulting on our payments will harm us all. There is a path out, but it requires common sense.

First, we must recognize that cutting taxes without spending cuts is functionally the same as creating spending without adding revenue. Both are deficit spending, and neither is fiscally responsible. This is the path we have largely followed since Reagan was elected.

Second, we must accept that government is our tool for protecting our freedom and economic and physical security. Government defends our freedom of speech, provides roads and water, provides education for our workforce and protects us from crime and enemies.

Saying all taxation is wrong is saying all government is bad, which is inane. Our Founding Fathers fought taxation without representation and gave us this great republic. Taxation does not equal slavery, government cannot solve all problems and the balance of taxes and services will always be an uncomfortable agreement. Our path is simple but painful: compromising on raising revenue and cutting spending. The dysfunction will continue until we accept victory requires compromise.

George DeMuth

Chapel Hill

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