Jan Feather: Much wrong with D.C.

October 19, 2013 

Regarding Rob Christensen’s Oct. 13 column “Why D.C. is broken”: It seems to be incorrectly titled. There are many reasons D.C. is broken, but his one-sided slam of Republicans and tea party groups is just another example.

If there are two sides to an argument, where is the blame on the other side? Not one mention of Harry Reid’s refusal to bring several funding measures passed by the House up for a vote. No mention of President Obama’s hiding on the golf course. Obama invited the Republicans to the White House, but then declared he would “refuse to negotiate.” Why then invite them?

Reid wants the “continuing resolution” funded and the debt limit raised before they would begin to negotiate. Anyone with half a brain can see how stupid that is. There would be nothing left to bargain with.

Christensen could have mentioned “fast and furious,” ambassador Chris Steven’s murder, the NSA scandal, Lois Lerner and the IRS, Obamacare. We can see that D.C. is broken but as his article does nothing to shed light on either the problems or solutions, he just became more of the problem. We are tired of the rhetoric.

Jan Feather


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