Ed McLeod: Bad timing for marathon

October 22, 2013 

Despite the occasional inconvenience of event-related street closings in downtown Raleigh, I’ve generally understood that this is simply the cost of living in a dynamic city. And knowing that these races, parades, food truck rodeos, etc., bring vitality and energy to the community, I’ve seen them as a clear net positive.

And so I read the Oct. 16 news story “Council OKs ‘postcard route’ for marathon” with interest about the plans for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in the spring. A race of this stature is a pretty big deal and a coup for the city. But as soon as I saw the date, April 13, I realized it was Palm Sunday. And based on the published route, my church and others might be completely inaccessible to those who want to gather for worship at the outset of Holy Week. Perhaps this was considered by the planners and dismissed as insignificant. Or perhaps it wasn’t considered at all.

In either case, what is obvious is that on that particular Sunday, the thousands of folks who make their way to our downtown churches on a weekly basis may well find themselves turned away. With this much time, I suppose we can make alternative plans. But I wish the planners had.

Ed McLeod


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