Wanda Stephens: ACA will save lives

October 22, 2013 

In Sherry Hay’s Oct. 16 Point of View piece “Distortion obscures ACA’s benefits,” she points out the need for the Affordable Care Act in North Carolina and the mistake our General Assembly made by turning away millions of federal dollars. I agree with her that it is understandable that many North Carolinians have a negative view of Obamacare because of all the distorted ads full of false information.

I’m glad she used the Americans for Prosperity TV ad highlighting “Tricia,” who has battled cancer twice. In the ad, Tricia insists the ACA will prevent patients from receiving the quality care she received. Obamacare will not prevent sick people from getting the expensive treatments they need to survive cancer. Actually the reverse is true. It makes high-quality insurance more affordable as the name implies. Additionally, it requires insurance companies to pay for preventative care, which will encourage individuals to have the exams they need to detect medical problems in their early stages. This might save both lives and health care dollars.

Wanda Stephens


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