Allan Thunes: Kindness and care

October 23, 2013 

I don’t know whether it was intended, but if your placement of “When kindness catches on” next to “A lousy and cruel rejection” on the Oct. 22 Other Opinion page was meant to contrast political rhetoric and reality, it had the desired effect.

America has kind and generous people who habitually “pay it forward” to help those in need. Though a minority of extremes at both ends of the political spectrum spew little more than spit and fire, I believe a much greater majority of the opposition to the Affordable Care Act has less to do with “sheer spite,” as Paul Krugman describes it, and much more to do with the manner in which it was brought into being and the persistent shroud of economic uncertainty that envelops it. It is much too big to accurately predict its economic impact, and people understand this.

Gov. Pat McCrory’s statement at the Heritage Foundation on Monday reflected this uncertainty when he explained his administration’s rejection of expanded Medicaid due, in part, to the unknown cost to N.C., something Krugman referred to as “trivial amounts.” Americans will line up to help but, as Connie Herring is quoted, “You can’t pay it forward if you’re broke.”

Allan Thunes


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