State Fair week was a major social event

Posted on October 24, 2013 

State Fair week a hundred years ago carried festivities beyond the fairgrounds and throughout the city.

The social life in Raleigh during Fair week will not be lacking in interest, and visitors to the city during the week will find ample entertainments and pleasures awaiting them in the various dances, private receptions and card parties that will be given all over the city. In many of the homes of Raleigh luncheons, teas, “at homes” and other forms of social activities will form the social calendar of the week.

However, the most important social happenings will be three dances at intervals during the week. The biggest of these will be the State Fair ball in the city auditorium on Friday evening. This dance will take the places of the marshals’ ball that formed the principal social event of the Fair before last year. It was then the State Fair ball took the place of the marshals’ ball. The ball this year will be led by Mr. Gordon Smith. It will be a strictly full dress affair and the managers are Messrs. Hubert Holding and H. C. Jackson.

On Wednesday evening a subscription dance will be given in the city auditorium, the dance to begin at 10:30 and last until 1:30 o’clock. Messrs. Holding and Jackson are also in charge of this dance.

Thursday evening the Capital Club will give its annual fair dance in the ball room of the club. This will be one of the leading social events. The N&O 10/19/1913

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