John A. Price: Wrights did it right

October 24, 2013 

Regarding the Oct. 24 news articl “Connecticut claims ‘first in flight’”: Connecticut’s claim that Gustav Whitehead was first in flight hangs on such flimsy hearsay evidence that it flies in the face of good science and historical analysis

By its logic, the award should actually go to the famous aviator, Daedalus! Also, the state’s claim that the Wright model wasn’t airworthy is completely disproved by the fact that the Wrights repeatedly flew this same design in numerous exhibitions in the U.S. and France. That the Whitehead supporters are given any credence at all is a sad statement of our society’s comprehension of science and research.

The Wrights carefully documented their work and the science behind what they did. We not only know that they flew, we also know that it wasn’t an accidental discovery. Their contributions included research on lift, drag, airfoil shapes and the wind tunnel.

John A. Price


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