GOP lawmaker: Obama is no traitor, he’s been loyal to Kenya

Posted by Rob Christensen on October 25, 2013 

Rep. Larry Pittman, the freshman Republican from Concord, is drawing some national attention for a birther quip he made about President Barack Obama.

“Someone had posted something (on Facebook) with a picture of Barack Obama and across it said ‘traitor,’’’ Pittman told a crowd in Concord Monday night. “And you know, I don’t always agree with the guy, I certainly didn’t vote for him but I gotta defend him on this one. I just don’t think it’s right at all to call Barack Obama a traitor. There’s a lot of things he’s done wrong but he is not a traitor. Not as far as I can tell. I haven’t come across any evidence yet that he has done one thing to harm Kenya.’’

That drew laughter from the crowd. American Bridge, the Democratic super PAC that sends trackers to Republican pelicans posted footage of Pittman’s joke.

Earlier this year, Pittman created a stir when he attacked House Speaker Thom Tillis. Pittman is a 59-year old Presbyterian minister, who received his undergraduate degree from Barton College in Wilson and a divinity degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest.

To watch the video go here.

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