It's a waste to remove park signs banning guns in Raleigh

October 25, 2013 

Oh, for goodness’ sake. That’s the likely feeling of most Raleigh residents about an utterly ridiculous high-pressure campaign on the part of pro-gun-rights advocates to get the city to remove signs at some parks that announce a prohibition on weapons.

These advocates note that state lawmakers, in one of many foolish moments, passed a law requiring cities to allow guns on playgrounds and in other public areas. That law is a monument to nothing more than the hard-line ideology of right-wing Republicans and to their weakness when it comes to dealing with the pro-gun crowd.

Yep, the law says guns are allowed. So for those gun-totin’ guys who want to arm up before going to a playground … well, they can do it, no matter what a sign says.

But Raleigh officials rightly are hesitant to invest in having city workers take down the signs when it’s entirely possible lawmakers will change the law again, as they have before. Leaving them up doesn’t mean gun owners can’t carry their guns into parks; if they know the law, they know that a sign can’t stop them.

We thought the gun-rights gang tended to be conservative, not wanting to waste public money and all that. Yet they’d have the city send its employees, paid by the taxpayers, to perform a chore that doesn’t need to be done?

Raleigh City Council member John Odom, who’s a gun-rights guy, said, “I don’t know whether or not changing the signs right away is of the utmost importance to me.” That’s a mild way of saying it’s not important.

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