David Collier: Selfish intent

October 26, 2013 

The right-wing economic suicide bombers shut down the government, demanding that the Affordable Care Act be repealed. Fortunately, President Obama stood his ground, and the crisis has been temporarily averted.

If Obama had capitulated, what would have been the next demand? That Obama resign? That the Democratic Party be made illegal? That the Constitution be suspended and Ted Cruz be installed as Supreme Leader? Who’s to blame for this mess? We the voters are.

Republican voters elected some ideologues to Congress and elected others who caved in to their demands. Democratic voters elected an up-to-now weak president. We the people pay for everything. As taxpayers, we pay for the entire government, including congressional salaries and benefits. As consumers, we pay CEO salaries and corporate donations to congressional campaigns. And we can vote. We have the ultimate power. But we don’t use it. Instead of thinking for ourselves, we let our union, church, the NRA or Fox News tell us how to vote.

Instead of wanting what’s best for the country, we ask what’s in it for us. How can we expect Congress to be any different?

David Collier


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