Becky Mann: Paying more to keep others covered

October 26, 2013 

The Oct. 20 news article “N.C. health insurance rates among nation’s highest” clarified much. The main thing I got was that those of us who have chosen to work (two jobs if necessary) and pay our way are going to carry the rest of the nation for Obamacare in the form of subsidies for those who choose paths that do not take care of their financial needs or who just choose not to work. It’s just another so-called entitlement program.

Unlike Social Security and Medicare, which we have paid into, this program will subsidize people like the Lenhardts (53 and 55) who choose to run an elderberry farm and make only $20,000 a year, meaning they’ll pay nothing for insurance. That’s while Nancy Mize, an optometrist, must pay twice as much as her current plan or go with a bit cheaper plan with a much higher deductible in order to subsidize the Lenhardts, who obviously have no reason not to pursue additional employment to pay for their own health care without subsidies.

I’m fed up with keeping up able-bodied people who just need to get off their butts and go to work.

Becky Mann


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