Roy McCormick: A royal mess

October 26, 2013 

I am a law-abiding American loyal to this country, its flag and its Constitution and proud of its freedom and its exceptionalism, but I owe no allegiance or fealty to royalty of any kind.

When my employees (any and all elected officials including their appointees, their staffs and their regulatory agencies) see fit to set themselves above me and above the law by passing laws that exempt themselves or grant themselves waivers to said laws, it is an affront that I cannot abide. When my employees create such laws, they are effectively granting themselves royal status, and it is tantamount to pronouncing royal edicts applicable only to their subjects.

One such law is the Affordable Care Act. Since I recognize no royalty’s right to govern me, I will henceforth no longer comply with or obey any law that my employees have set themselves above or apart from.

Roy McCormick


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