Jeff Hamilton: No GOP responsibility

October 26, 2013 

Rob Christensen’s attempt in his Oct. 20 column to get inside the GOP mind is interesting, and we have great research subjects right here.

John Hood, the director of the conservative John Locke Foundation, defends the N.C. voter ID law by asking how it can be illegal if more than 30 states have one. This is a shocking but typical display of Republican irresponsibility. It’s the same “everybody is doing it, so it’s OK” argument that gangsters use. It’s the same justification of the hundreds of teenagers who famously invaded and trashed ex-NFL player Brian Holloway’s house.

Hood’s claim that everyone is still legally entitled to vote shows the dangerous Republican disregard for consequences. He seems to have no idea of the reality outside his pure little bubble. Polling places could be on the moon, and we would still be entitled to vote. This is the same way that their sabotage of Obamacare and Medicaid has given N.C. some of the highest insurance rates in the nation.

Jeff Hamilton


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