John Stiles: Criticizing Nichol unfair

October 27, 2013 

Other than the fact that it was penned by the governor’s brother, I cannot understand how you could publish Phil McCrory’s Oct. 17 letter “A Pat on the back” attacking Gene Nichol, former dean of the UNC School of Law..

Phil McCrory claimed that in a prior Point of View article by Nichol, the governor was “eviscerated” and that Nichol is “bitter” and “divisive.” McCrory goes on to criticize Nichol’s tenure as president of the College of William and Mary. Nichol’s POV on the governor was anything but divisive. If anything, it handled the governor and his actions with kid gloves. To the contrary, Nichol was concise, accurate and true to a letter – as are all of his extraordinary “Seeing the Invisible” articles in his series on North Carolina poverty.

It is almost impossible to imagine a more accomplished lawyer, administrator or warrior for the poor and disenfranchised than Nichol, who uses his skill, aptitude and incredible work ethic to help the poor, not to chase the almighty dollar. With all due respect to the governor and his brother, Nichol does more to help his fellow man every day before lunchtime than the McCrorys do in a month.

John Stiles


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