David June: Facts to and fro

October 27, 2013 

I find it humorous that someone decrying the lack of facts in letters to the editor would be so factually wrong himself. The writer of the Oct. 20 letter “The facts please” claimed that the 2012 GDP of $15.7 trillion was our national income. GDP is not our national income. It is the Gross Domestic Product of our country, which is the goods and services produced by our citizens.

The federal government’s revenue is almost entirely derived from taxing the GDP. Total government revenue for 2012 was $2.4 trillion while the federal debt was $16.1 trillion and growing. So the seven-fold difference between federal government incomes and the national debt that the writer was claiming to be factually wrong is in fact correct.

Perhaps the writer should be more careful when using Thomas Jefferson’s quote about democracy demanding an educated and informed electorate.

David June


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