Mary McGregor Warren: Touchdown! Washington Pigskins!

October 27, 2013 

Regarding Maureen Dowd’s Oct. 10 column “When sports names are slurs”: I have very mixed feeling. I grew up and lived 44 years in D.C. I am an avid, lifetime fan.

That the name “Redskins” was long ago used as a derogatory term, but I honestly don’t think it is used today with any ill-intent (Honestly, when was the last time any of us heard someone else, other than a player, called a “Redskin”?).

I do believe this conundrum is mostly driven by Anglo politicians and self-proclaimed “do-gooders,” trying to be PC and maybe feeling some guilt about historical wrongs to minorities and, as such, is disingenuous.

Still my own sincere sense of generational accountability and moral right does leave me with concerns as to whether a change needs to be explored. So, I believe a fair way to resolve the issue, is to change the name to “Pigskins” thus eliminating any racial disparage; enabling the faithful to still call our team the abbreviated name “the Skins” and honoring the historical slang for football – all at once.

Mary McGregor Warren


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