Kate Vives: Positive suggestion needed

October 29, 2013 

I wish it were more common for those in positions of power in the community to step up and set politics aside, forget about their own interests and self-promotion and promote socially healthy actions – such as reaching out to a neighbor, giving someone a compliment, shaping up the yard of someone who can’t, taking someone a casserole, playing outside with kids, stopping to assist someone in need, visiting a local library or museum, sticking to their word, sharing specialized knowledge or expertise with someone who is willing to learn or even walking instead of driving.

Regular people do this every single day, but we all need encouragement and a reminder of how we can participate in our community, enrich our lives and the lives of others and make our community a special place that’s known for its people. It’s not about creating utopia. It doesn’t require the forming of a committee or allocation of a subsidy. It’s not about gaining notoriety. It’s not about politics or religious affiliation. It’s the power of positive suggestion by an influential member of the community. It’s promoting common courtesy and human decency, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Kate Vives


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