David Campbell: Sweet tea

October 29, 2013 

The writer of the Oct. 28 letter “Tea triumphant” claims the tea party will destroy America. Who are these tea party people? I am one! My experience: military service in submarines and black operations, 1964-93; Vietnam, the Cold War and Gulf War I; nuclear industry engineering, 1993-2007.

Hundreds of tea party demonstrations had zero arrests, the only injuries were to tea party demonstrators by SEIU union thugs and the demonstration sites were spotless afterward. Despite a reward of $100,000 offered for proof of racism, none found. Neither are we terrorists, black-mailers, hostage takers or extortionists. We are the 50 percent paying over 97 percent of federal income taxes.

We object to a socialist law passed against the will of the people by Democrats, taking over one-seventh of the economy, that puts government and not the patient and doctor in charge of health care. It will put us deeper into debt and increase patient costs, reduce the quantity and quality of health care and continue the destruction to the economy already started by Obama economics.

These objections are a normal part of a republic’s function, not destructive. And guess what? All these predictions are proving to be true. Democrats need to try to stop the lying and demagoguery.

David Campbell


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