Liz Smith: Medicaid meanings

October 29, 2013 

Paul Shorkey, temporarily of Oxford, U.K., wrote in an Oct. 22 Point of View about a new approach for Medicaid. Several things he said seem askew.

One, “running over budget would become the problem of private companies, not the state.” Usually, if a company runs over budget, it cuts services – and this would be to our most vulnerable citizens. Two, “although they are sometimes given financial incentives to visit better, lower-cost doctors” suggests they cannot choose their provider – how many of our most vulnerable can pay the extra burden of cost to stay with their doctors? And, finally, it is “a check to cost containment efforts and should sit well with the largely Democratic objections to the current reform plan” suggests Medicaid is a “Democratic” plan, thus politicizing our most vulnerable North Carolinians.

Shorkey is wrong on all counts. I do hope he does not need medical attention in the U.K. They have national health care there!

Liz Smith


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