Change to Raleigh signs satisfies gun-rights group

colin.campbell@newsobserver.comOctober 30, 2013 

— A gun-rights group is ending its lobbying push against Raleigh after city leaders expanded the number of park signs they'll change in response to the outcry.

In a news release issued Tuesday, Raleigh parks and recreation director Diane Sauer said workers will cover up the word "firearms" on signs that list multiple park rules. Because those signs don't distinguish between concealed and openly carried guns, Sauer had earlier said they wouldn't be changed until they wore out or became damaged.

"While the multi-rule signs are technically correct, the city will be modifying the signs by removing the word 'firearms,'" Sauer said, adding that they'll now show it's illegal to "possess weapons."

Signs that specifically ban concealed weapons will be removed from all Raleigh parks by Wednesday, Sauer said. A 2011 state law allows concealed weapons in parks.

Grass Roots North Carolina – the group that threatened a lawsuit over the outdated signs – is declaring victory.

"From what we can see, their changes in the sign are going to comply with the law," said the group's president, Paul Valone. "We thank them for finally seeing the light, albeit reluctantly."

But Valone says there's still work to be done to ensure cities follow the 2011 state law allowing concealed guns in parks.

"We will now move on to Wilmington," he said. "Raleigh is the first in a series of actions to ensure that the days when bureaucrats could ignore state gun laws are over."

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