Katherine Holmes: Volume trumps safety

October 30, 2013 

Regarding the Oct. 30 article “State Fair ride operator arrested”: When a person is paid based on the volume of business, the incentive is to do whatever is necessary to maintain that business, and sometimes that means jiggling a part, shaking the register, short wiring a switch or kicking the tire to make it work. They do what they are pressured to do to get the job done so they can get paid.

At the State Fair, every ride should be manually controlled with a shutdown feature to lock down the ride until it is time to start it up. Relying on computerized sensor chips should be a secondary feature, not a primary feature. Every ride should have a manual brake. Then accidents like this would be limited.

Contracts should not reduce money if the volume of business is not there or if all the equipment is not there. If a ride is removed for safety reasons, there should be no punishment for doing what is right. Punishing the ride operator won’t fix the problem. As long as people are pressured to have volume business to maintain their paycheck, there will always be accidents.

Katherine Holmes, Raleigh

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