Samantha Corte: Insurance principles

October 31, 2013 

The writer of the Oct. 27 letter “Delay is prudent” suggested that those buying individual health insurance would be prudent to wait until they anticipate health bills equal to the cost of the insurance plus deductible. He ignores the whole point of insurance: to prepare for the risk of unlikely but expensive events.

If the father of the healthy family he speaks of suddenly has severe chest pains, is he going to call his insurance agent before rushing to the emergency room? If his son falls from a tree and hits his head, will he tell the doctors to hold off on tests until he can get suitable coverage? What about a car accident? And how long does it take to actually set up coverage? He can’t be denied coverage after the fact, but he could run up some incredible bills before he gets coverage, and insurance isn’t retroactive.

All of this is unlikely to happen, of course. That’s how insurance works – lots of people pay just in case something really expensive but really unlikely happens to them, and only a few people are unlucky enough to actually get their money back in claims.

Samantha Corte


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