Robert Cox: Redistricting panel would work

October 31, 2013 

The Oct. 30 Point of View piece “Give nonpartisan panel keys to redistricting” was right on the mark. If our elected officials are worried about the integrity of our elections in North Carolina, here’s their chance to step up to the plate.

A nonpartisan panel to draw districts for state and federal elections would end the pernicious practice of gerrymandering and ensure that elected representatives are truly “representative” of the voters. Partisan-drawn districts – whether by Democrats or Republicans – only ensure recriminations and distrust in government, as we currently witness in our state. Fairly drawn districts would end so-called “safe” districts, designed to tip the scales for the party in control after a decadal census.

Candidates, instead, would have to compete in general elections. More important, fairly drawn districts are more likely to ensure that the party winning the most seats reflects a majority of the votes cast in the state, unlike the results of recent elections. A nonpartisan approach, on the other hand, is more likely to give a full and just measure on the scales of democracy.

Robert Cox

Chapel Hill

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