Ann Huntley: GOP spends also

October 31, 2013 

I appreciated the Oct. 27 letter “A Democrat’s mind.” I feel the same way with some people, too. I think meaningful dialogue based on history and facts is important to opposite sides “understanding” each other.

Regarding the writer’s phrase “tax and spend approach by Democrats” and the concern about bankruptcy of our nation: I remember during the eight years of the Bush administration Republicans added the senior prescription drug program (an additional entitlement with no additional tax revenues), entered into two wars (that also were unfunded) and added the Homeland Security Department, which increases the size of our government and decreases our freedoms and privacy. All three of these increased our deficit spending “driving our country toward bankruptcy.” Were these also examples of “unmitigated evil based on big government, regulations and dependency”?

Would the writer be comfortable adding revenues to pay for these existing expenses that were added before Obama was elected? “Tax and spend” unfortunately is the practical approach to a working budget. Republicans should take responsibility for funding programs they passed previously.

Ann Huntley


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