Lynn Edmonds: Teacher criticism hits nerve

November 1, 2013 

Regarding the Oct. 31 news story “GOP complains about teacher protests”: Sen. Neal Hunt has a lot of nerve to claim that PTAs and the NCAE are threatening public school students

As a chief budget writer in this past legislative session, Hunt did real harm to schoolchildren across North Carolina. His budget eliminated more than 5,000 teaching positions and nearly 4,000 teaching assistants across the state. It phases out extra pay for teachers who earn master’s degrees. It set aside $10 million in public tax dollars for unaccountable private school vouchers. Teacher salaries continued to slide, the worst decline in the nation, losing almost 16 percent in real dollars in 12 years.

Teachers have real reasons for their discontent, and Hunt continues to attack them. In fact, Hunt claims this legislature increased spending, but adjusted for growth, the Republican-led legislature really cut education spending by almost $500 million in the next two years while giving tax breaks to millionaires and yacht buyers. So who exactly is doing harm to our students?

Lynn Edmonds, Raleigh

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