William Cline: Private insurance may be cheaper than ACA

November 2, 2013 

Obamacare for me is not a political question. It is a personal finance question filed under health insurance costs.

I have run through my options on the N.C. Obamacare health care exchange, and I have also analyzed a number of my other options such as qualified private health insurance. I have tried to compare similar coverage so I could make an informed decision. Here is what I discovered. Under Obamacare (no subsidies for a two-person family), the cost is $12,000 more than my private insurance option per year. (Obamacare has my premium about $5,000 higher each year and the deductible is $7,000 a year higher). I also have the option to buy health insurance (full price) from the employer I retired from.

So not only is private insurance much cheaper, but the benefits are better for what I need. So my nonpolitical advice is for everyone to become an informed consumer. Do lots of research and analyze costs and benefits. For many, private insurance will be far cheaper (and no penalties if in a qualified plan) than Obamacare. For others Obamacare might be a viable solution.

William Cline

Wake Forest

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