UNC-N.C. State quotebook

November 2, 2013 

“This is our state,” North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron said. “Our win ratio to their losses, I mean, we’re killing them. You just have to let them know it, whose state this really is.”

“Believe me, this team and this university and all of our fans take a lot of pride in that,” UNC coach Larry Fedora said. “Tremendous amount of pride. As far as I know, it’s always been the Tar Heel State and always will be.”

“If this is really your state, then come prove it,” UNC tight end Eric Ebron said when asked about his message for N.C. State fans.

“It’s always a great feeling to beat your rivals,” UNC senior defensive end Kareem Martin said. “Especially on the road. It being my last time. I just solidified a lifetime worth of bragging rights against any N.C. State fan or player.”

“All we were worried about was one, and it was this one,” Fedora said on being 2-0 against N.C. State. “Has nothing to do with last year. I think it means something to come over here and win in their stadium, and that’s pretty big. They had a great crowd, and were into the game the entire game. But our guys kept fighting. And it’s just another step for our program in this state.”

“I’m going to remember what they did on the 50-yard line after the game for the next 364 days, and I’m going to look forward to playing them next year,” N.C. State coach Dave Doeren said.

“He was forcing balls into coverage,” said Doeren, explaining his decision to pull Brandon Mitchell from the game. “I told him he couldn’t throw. If it’s not there, throw it away – and he didn’t. So I took him out.“

“I think that rule is a bad rule,” Doeren said on the targeting rule that led to D.J. Green’s ejection. “I think it’s been expressed by a lot of coaches. It’s not evenly officiated. It’s a judgment call. There’s too many margins for error with that rule change. I understand the intent of the rule, but it’s a bad rule change.”

“As an offense, any time we get the ball in the red zone, we’ve got to score touchdowns,” N.C. State running back Shadrach Thornton said. “We were in the red zone in the first half and we got one touchdown and three field goals. We can’t do that. We’ve got to finish in the red zone. Point blank period.”

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