Favorite photo smartphone apps

November 2, 2013 

Our favorite apps

What smartphone photo apps do N&O photographers use? Picture editor Juli Leonard shares some favorites.

Instagram: Some of us have accounts (and some of us don’t) for the free photo and video social media app, but everyone agrees that the filters can be pretty awesome. (Available for iPhone and Android phones.)

Snapseed: This app is like Photoshop on steroids. You can easily color correct and crop images or get a little crazy and add a tilt-shift look to your image or a cool old film frame. Some of us on staff just can’t get enough of the “Drama” filter, which gives photos a high-definition contrast. (Available for iPhone and Android phones.)

Hipstamatic: If you are going for a vintage film look, this is your app. You can choose “film” styles like the color-saturated “Big Up” as well as specialized “lenses” like the Tinto 1884 (seen in Ethan Hyman’s photo of the slab burner) and flashes like the “Pop Rox,” which can add a warm contrast boost. Fun! (iPhone only.)

Pano or 360 Panorama: There are several Pano apps out there, and all of us have at least one. These are among the more user-friendly apps, definitely worth the time to learn to bring a different view of an everyday event or landscape. (Pano is available for iPhone and Android; 360 Panoramafor iPhone only.)

ProCamera: If you want a different smartphone camera to shoot with than the basic version included on your phone, this is a staff favorite. It gives a variety of options to have better control over your exposure and focus as well as options for video, a night camera and a self-timer for those of you who love to shoot those selfies! (iPhone only.)

Note: Our photographers all favor iPhone, so they can’t vouch for how well the Android apps work.

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