Welford M. Sims: This Sheetz OK?

November 3, 2013 

The very day I saw the Sept. 8 article “Council rejects plan for Sheetz station” because it was too close to a residential area, I rode up Green Road in Raleigh and horrors! There, at Green and Millbrook, right beside a heavily populated apartment complex, what did I see but the start of a Sheetz service station. There are apartments with the opportunity to have free all-night lighting and noise from this station. How in the world did the first one get defeated because it was too close, and this one goes in right beside a heavily populated area?

It is also just a quarter of a mile from Shamrock Meadow and a half mile from Northshore. Someone in city government needs to explain how this happened without so much as a readable notice asking input from the residents. We deserve an answer. This is ridiculous. By my count, we have at least 17 stations within 2 miles, and another two going up besides this one.

Welford M. Sims


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