Cary should be proud to be safest US town of its size

November 3, 2013 

There still are many, many people in this area who can recall when the town of Cary really was a town, with about 6,000 residents. In one sense, the town now can boast that it retains one pretty pleasant aspect of small-town life: a low crime rate.

In fact, the lowest among towns and cities of comparable size (Cary’s at 146,000) is what it is, according to no less than statistics blessed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

How did it happen? Well, Cary’s had a low rate for years, thanks, say community leaders and law enforcement, to an active community watch program and some imaginative things like after-school activities for youngsters whose hands might otherwise be idle. And police officers have “partnerships” with 41 multifamily housing developments in town.

This really should come as no surprise to anyone who’s spent time in Cary in recent years. There are parks galore, and it’s clear that residents have made a habit of looking out for one another. If it keeps growing, though, it might have to lose that moniker of “town.” But we’re not ready to trade that in for “metropolis” just yet.

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