Robert P. Koontz: McCrory’s no Ike

November 5, 2013 

Recently, Gov. Pat McCrory claimed to be an Eisenhower Republican. I have been interested in Eisenhower and a reader of books and articles about Ike since my graduation from West Point 53 years ago.

President Eisenhower authorized cadets at West Point to be appointed officers in the Marine Corps, and I availed myself of the opportunity. I was privileged to salute President Eisenhower when he visited West Point. Since graduation, I’ve read many books on World War II and Ike’s tenures as Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force and president.

My reading does not support McCrory’s contention that he is an Eisenhower Republican. McCrory’s lack of support of teachers, universities, transportation, voter and civil rights isn’t similar to Eisenhower’s governing approach. Ike increased funding for education and R&D (National Defense Education Act), economic stimulus by funding transportation (National Interstate Highway System), civil rights (sent troops to Little Rock) and voting participation (through speeches).

He didn’t attempt to subvert Civil Service by supporting “N.C. Republican party political correct” hiring. I saluted and studied President Eisenhower – McCrory is no Eisenhower Republican.

Robert P. Koontz

Major, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Retired


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