Joe Moran: Leave politics out of health care

November 5, 2013 

Nicholas Kristof’s Nov. 5 piece “Matters of life and death” eloquently underlined America’s health care dilemma.

On the one hand are those who believe that health care should be managed primarily by profit-making enterprises: hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, private medical firms, medical technology businesses, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

On the other are those who believe that today, while a capitalist system of health care has brought about astounding advances in medical research and technology, the federal government alone possesses the purview and the resources necessary to care for the overwhelming number of Americans without health insurance.

To slander government intentions to care for 50 million of its citizens who go without health coverage as creeping European-style socialism is disingenuous at best. It would serve us to move from ideological arguments when it comes to health care and to craft a workable system that promotes the general health and welfare of everyone.

Joe Moran, Durham

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