Scott Radway: Not a lot of funding

November 5, 2013 

Regarding the Oct. 28 Under the Dome item “Money for rural planning”: The N&O, our governor and NCDOT must think we are fools. After eliminating the Rural Center and gutting funds for almost everything beyond belief, the governor wants us to believe that the state’s 19 Rural Planning Organizations (which get a paltry amount of federal funding – less than $100,000 average per organization) are going to benefit by a whopping $8,800 to $11,000 addition from the NCDOT that a statement from the governor’s office said “will be a way to bring jobs to rural areas that have suffered during the recession.”

I am appalled that you could print this with a straight face after this governor and the legislature have voted to disenfranchise rural populations, reduce educational resources and so forth.

I have worked with and in rural counties for private, nonprofit and local government, and I can say the claim that $8,800 will help create jobs is political mularky and not worthy of repeating in your paper.

Scott Radway, Chapel Hill

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