Harold W. Bruen: Teachers lack due process

November 6, 2013 

I admire teachers for their courage to contest the inequity tended them by the N.C. state legislature. Like so many employees in N.C. and elsewhere they are on their own, left without any collective bargaining process to address serious issues affecting their workplace and morale. It appears that Gov. Pat McCrory might have heard their “legitimate gripes” (his word not mine).

The question I have for the governor is, by whom will he be led? Will he be led by those who are doing their best to teach the children they love and respect? Or will he be led by a Republican legislature and its lobbyists who apparently do not love and respect the teachers they are charged to support?

It may be too much to ask that our teachers be loved. It is not too much to ask that they be respected and given due credit for working in an environment devoid of due process.

Harold W. Bruen, Raleigh

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