Michelle Disney: Farm Bill needs fixing

November 7, 2013 

Most North Carolinians would agree that our state should not hand over total control to politicians in Washington when it comes to the safety and responsible practices associated with the food we put on our table. But a callous federal politician, U.S. Rep. Steve King of Iowa, sneaked an amendment into the Farm Bill that would prevent North Carolina and other states from being able to stop agricultural products produced in inhumane or dangerous ways from being sold within our borders.

Regardless of whether the food was made using dangerous chemicals or in a way that polluted streams and rivers, or by methods that caused extreme animal suffering, the feds would force North Carolina to let that product be sold in our stores. As a member of the committee deciding the final wording of the Farm Bill, U.S. Rep Mike McIntyre should work hard to make sure that this awful amendment is not included in the final law.

Michelle Disney


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