Douglas Emerson: Ban killing of coyotes to save red wolves

November 7, 2013 

Regarding the Nov. 1 news article “Officials offer reward in red wolf’s death”: The reward being offered for the person who killed a red wolf is a pittance to what should be collected. Hunters need to learn what is fair game and what is protected.

Nor do these hunters know what their wanton killing of the iconic red wolf does to the local eco-tourism, the local economy or the impact on the species we are trying to preserve for the next generation. The irony of spending tax money on preservation only to have laws passed to shoot that which we try to save is so profound. Taxpayers should embrace what will provide more for our state. Not kill them! The law for the 24-hour coyote shoot-a-thon should be repealed. Too many hunters apparently can’t tell the difference.

Douglas Emerson, Greenville

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