Lou Giglio: Burying public education

November 7, 2013 

It is too late for Gov. Pat McCrory to convene a teacher advisory panel. Why didn’t he listen to the teacher input, the superintendent input and the school board input when they urged him to veto the radical, right-wing legislation that has eviscerated public education in N.C. and paved the way for for-profit private companies to run it?

Why did he not veto a tax bill that will decrease tax receipts thereby creating an austerity budget that forced the layoffs of thousands of teacher assistants? Why did he not veto a preschool education bill that changed the income limit for parents, thus denying the opportunity for a preschool education to thousands of children? Why didn’t he veto the bill that stripped tenure from public school teachers?

McCrory has the unmitigated gall to meet with these teachers after he has supported legislation that has been designed to make public education fail! It would have been more fitting if he had selected only six people to be on the advisory group, then they could have been the pallbearers to help bury the emaciated carcass of public education in N.C.

Lou Giglio, Raleigh

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