Richard A. Hayden: Bullies everywhere

November 7, 2013 

The recent teen suicides stemming from bullying raise questions about the decline of civility in society. Such a loss of human life is tragic and difficult to accept, and it calls for serious parental intervention to prevent children from becoming bullies. This bullying buck stops in the home. Parents must look for and correct it. We are all members of the same society, equal to each other, and deserve to be treated with civility.

The federal government shutdown stemming from bullying by a minority faction of one political party also evidences a decline in societal civility. The impact upon the country and its people is significant. The legislative bullying buck stops in Congress. Members must look for and correct it. All members are part of and representatives of our overall society, equal to each other, and deserve civil treatment by all others. As adults, they are expected to control their behavior, act responsibly, collaborate, negotiate and compromise.

While elected by and for a “portion” of the country’s population, they also carry the obligation to represent all the country’s people and interests. If they will not do this, then we the people, as their parents, must discipline them – in the voting booth.

Richard A. Hayden, Apex

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