Supreme Court again rejects excusing Newby from case

Posted by Anne Blythe on November 8, 2013 

The N.C. Supreme Court has again declined to force Associate Justice Paul Newby to recuse himself from hearing the lawsuit challenging the state's 2011 legislative and congressional district boundaries.

The justices announced Friday they had dismissed a motion by Democratic voters and other opponents of the redistricting. They offered no explanation for their decision.

The petitioners argued that Newby had a legal conflict because a Republican group with a vested interest in keeping the 2011 maps had given more than $1 million to another group that in turn donated to support Newby's re-election.

The money wasn't given directly to Newby's campaign.

The petitioners argued that previous rulings and the judicial conduct code required Newby to withdraw.

But attorneys for the state disagreed as did the state's highest court.

A similar request was made of Newby in a legal challenge over whether certain redistricting documents used by General Assembly staff were protected by attorney-client privilege. The justices denied that request last December.

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