Lettice Rhodes: Risk, responsibility

November 8, 2013 

Senate leader Phil Berger and his allies injected politics into our classrooms when their budget told our teachers that they are not worthy of a raise, adequately funded classrooms, master’s pay, career status, teacher assistants or respect.

The accusation that a “walk-in” put students at risk for political purposes is illogical (“GOP complains about teacher protests,” Oct. 31 news story). On the other hand, creating a voucher program that diverts millions of taxpayer dollars from the public school system puts children, communities and our economy at risk. Educators are fulfilling their duty to educate and protect children every day. There are too many examples of teachers sacrificing to protect students across the country.

In spite of politics, teachers across North Carolina selflessly purchase classroom supplies, stand in the cold or heat to safely usher students from school buses, work for hours on lesson plans, coach baseball teams, etc. They wear smiles that warm the hearts of children in spite of the apparent assault on their profession. Rather than pointing fingers at teachers, Berger and Sen. Neal Hunt should take some responsibility for the frustration that led teachers to entertain a walk-out.

Lettice Rhodes


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