Colleen Lee: Berger’s gin

November 8, 2013 

What happened in Sen. Phil Berger’s past to cause him to despise public school teachers? One has to wonder where Berger got his “facts” for his statements in the Nov. 5 news article “Teachers ‘walk-in’ at schools.”

Most folks didn’t see the teacher “walk-in” as a bully tactic and did not see student safety being put at risk. Moreover, the NCAE is not a union and was not using the “walk-in” as a way to “gin up” (Berger’s phrase) membership. Nor did the “walk-in” have anything to do with asking for inflated salaries for its executives. When the NCAE got wind of a teacher movement to stage a walkout, it wisely cautioned against this and encouraged teachers to “walk in” instead.

Berger chastises educators for playing politics with education and using our children as political pawns. Does he not see that the most recent legislative actions against teachers (spearheaded by him) are the height of “playing politics” with our public schools? His personal war against teachers blatantly uses the schools and our children as political pawns to “gin up” the radical right base that would love to see public schools fail.

I am not a teacher or employed by the NCAE. I am a grandmother who supports our public schools.

Colleen Lee


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