Michael Doran: Vouchers could help all

November 9, 2013 

Suppose someone decided to paint his house and found that he would have to spend $8,000 in addition to the purchase of ladders, tarps and other supplies but that he could hire someone to do it for a total of $4,200? What would anyone decide? That is very similar to the situation with our schools.

Wake County claims to spend around $8,000 per student per year in addition to the cost of buses, buildings and other capital expenditures. Certain parents are willing to take their students out of the system in exchange for only $4,200, the current amount of vouchers. This would save the system about $3,800 for every student given a voucher.

Since it is unlikely Wake County is going to cut its budget to reflect these savings (government seldom cuts its spending), this leaves more money for the students who remain in the school system. It seems like a win-win situation for the system and for the parents who are not satisfied with the school status quo.

Michael Doran


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