Pat Reilly: Vows to teach

November 9, 2013 

The idea that there are myriad slack teachers in our state is laughable. In fact, many of my colleagues go above and beyond their “call” to duty; they approach our profession as though it were a religious calling. They dedicate far more than full-time work hours to their students, schools and communities. The sacrifices they make at the expense of their private lives are extraordinary, yet for such effort their return is little more than intrinsic. Truly, I admire them, but it is unreasonable to expect such saintly devotion.

Our legislature, it seems, does not agree, which leads me to propose the following: All teachers should be required to take professional vows – first, although perhaps redundant, a vow of poverty. Next, a vow of obedience. I’m sure that would be welcomed by our legislative brethren. Obviously, they know more about our profession than we do.

Of course, when all this is in place, I expect teachers to be granted tax-exempt status. Oh, and do not worry about that interfering with our vow of poverty; by then our pretax earnings will probably be below that line.

Pat Reilly


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