Stuart Levin: Transit plan makes sense

November 9, 2013 

Your Oct. 27 lead editorial “All aboard” was on target. The Wake County Transit Plan has been allowed to languish despite support from area municipalities, which have been making long-term plans based on the presence of transit-oriented development. The economic success of the Triangle has been the product of forward thinking dating back to the formation of RTP in the 1950s.

Maintaining our quality of life in future decades mandates linking land use and transportation to achieve the greatest economic returns on infrastructure investment. The Wake County Transit Plan was developed after years of discussions involving thousands of stakeholders. The plan is fiscally conservative and vetted by the Wake County manager’s staff to confirm its financial viability.

Furthermore, the current plan recognizes that Wake County does not exist in isolation and needs to part of a fully integrated regional transit system. As chair of a planning group in west Raleigh that incorporates long-term enhancements in transit, I look forward to our county commissioners finally approving the referendum on the Wake County Transit Plan.

Stuart Levin, Chair, Blue Ridge Corridor stakeholders advisory group, Raleigh

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